How to install Apple Studio Display 17 firmware beta

Update your Apple Studio Display with the latest beta firmware to enhance performance and access new features before they are officially released.

Install macOS Sonoma beta

To receive the beta firmware update for Apple Studio Display, you will need a Mac or MacBook running macOS Sonoma beta installed.

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Update your Apple Studio Display

On your Mac running macOS Sonoma beta, go to System Settings > Software Update to install the firmware.

Make sure there is nothing plugged into the ports of the display or the update might fail.

Don't unplug your display while the update is in progress. While it's updating, you might see an ellipsis icon, a message asking you not to unplug the display, or a blank screen.

update Studio Display 17 Firmware Beta

Apple has not provided details on what's included in the firmware update and no new features were found by those running the betas.

If an error occurred while updating your Apple Studio Display, here's how to troubleshoot it →

Check your firmware version

To check the firmware version of your Studio Display, press and hold the Option key, choose Apple menu  > System Information, then click Graphics/Displays. In the Studio Display section, the firmware version is listed next to Display Firmware Version.

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